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Picture of Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose Mini Kit

Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose Mini KitEUH-150

Mini Kit


Herculite XRV Ultra Mini Kit Unidose with OptiBond Solo Plus  


Herculite XRV has been the industry standard for dental composites for 20 years. True to the Kerr legacy of
developing innovative, quality products for dentistry, Kerr makes history again by launching another new addi-
tion to the Kerr composite family: Herculite XRV Ultra™ nanohybrid composite. Based on the latest nanofiller
technology, in addition to offering improved handling, polishability and wear resistance, Herculite XRV Ultra
delivers an improved lifelike appearance to final restorations by replicating the opalescence and fluorescence
of the natural tooth.

Herculite XRV Ultra Aesthetic Kit

  • The new Herculite XRV Ultra Aesthetic Kit has been created with the aim to offer the dentist full range of products for creating high aesthetic anterior and posterior restorations.
  • The newly developed Stratification Guide with step-by-step guidelines for correct stratification using two-layer or multi-layer shading technique in anterior and posterior region is included in the kit.
  • Following the quidelines enables the dentist to get the best results from Herculite XRV Ultra composite material achieving lifelike results and perfect Vita shade match.
  • This eliminates any trial and error for adopting new shading system.



Minikit Contents:

  • 3 Unidoses® (10x0.2 g):
  • Enamel A2, A3 and Dentin A2,
  • 1 OptiBond Solo Plus Bottle (5 ml),
  • 1 Gel Etchant (3 g),
  • 25 Mixing Wells,
  • 50 Applicator Tips.



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