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EndoRay IIMSL-010

Film Holder Set

Dentsply Sirona

The EndoRay II, employing the paralleling technique, fits over endodontic files, rubber dams, and clamps and is securely held by the patient's bite. To assemble and use, follow these simple instructions:

  • With a film cantered in the basket (see figure at right), place the assembly over the tooth (with files and clamp) and rest it on adjacent teeth. If you are using a rubber dam, release the top or bottom half from the frame. There is no need to completely remove the rubber dam and frame. The film should be adjacent to the tooth being radiographed and behind the rubber dam. The patient should then bite lightly until the EndoRay II is secure.
  • The EndoRay II is manufactured from a porous plastic material and has a limited life. It must be replaced periodically.
  • For a longer-lasting instrument, always disassemble the three pieces before sterilizing.           

NOTE: The EndoRay II should be sterilized in your steam autoclave or chemiclave.

EndoRay II Film Holder 2-pack

EndoRay II prevents cone-cutting with precise angulation and alignment of film and PSP imaging plates.

  • Fits over files, clamps and rubber dams.
  • Use for endodontic radiography without touching the subject tooth.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Use with Size #1 or #2 film.

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