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Helix TestFVS-010

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  • The Helix Test is developed for testing every sterilization process in a loaded autoclave and that air and other condensable gases have been removed.
  • The  purpose is to check the penetration of the different sterilization methods when processing hollow objects. This method utilises a long narrow tube. The steam sterilization penetration throughout the length of the tube is demonstrated with an indicator at the end of the tube. The test is positive if the chemical indicator changes to the right colour.

Helix tests are for STEAM (134ºC/ 3,5 min, 121ºC/ 15 min)
Conforming to EN 867-1, ISO 111140 - 1, Class 2

Complete Pack :
1 x Helix Device and 1 Book of 250 Helix Test Strips.

Helix Device and 250 Test Strips

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