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Clearview Easy HCG Pregnancy TestsSLK-010

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Clearview Easy HCG Pregnancy Test


Clearview Easy HCG’s patented technology provides a laboratory-quality test which is fast, reliable and produced to the highest standards

Clearviews 4 ways of testing are:

  • “Hands free” test - place stick in urine and leave for any time between 3 and 10 minutes.
  • Dip the stick in the urine sample for 15 seconds.
  • Pipette 100ml urine directly onto the test stick.
  • Hold test stick in the urine flow for 3-7 seconds.
  • Results in 3 minutes - Rapid.
  • Sensitive to 25mlIU/ml - Ability to detect pregnancy on day of missed period.
  • One-step - No additional reagents, training or equipment required.
  • Easy to use - minimal training required.
  • Proven accuracy of >99% - Reliable.
  • Inbuilt procedural control - Confirmation that the test has been performed correctly.
  • Room temperature storage - Ready to use, leaves valuable refrigerator space free.
  • Sealed unit after use - Hygienic.
  • Long shelf life - Small volume users need not worry that product will expire before used.
  • Two blue lines = positive - Easy to read.

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