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Gigasept Instru AFFJB-020


Schulke & Mayr

High performance dual action liquid concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments in holding solutions

  • aldehyde-free
  • meets the European standards
  • very good cleaning performance
  • fresh and pleasant smell
  • shortened contact time with ultrasonic

Suitable for manual disinfecting pre-cleaning and manual disinfection of thermostable and thermolabile instruments of all types (excluding exible endoscopes). Thanks to its excellent cleaning performance – especially in an ultrasonic bath – and its comprehensive microbiological ecacy, gigasept® instru AF
offers all important product features for instrument reprocessing in hospitals and practices.

Gigasept® instru AF is supplied as a concentrate and can be easily diluted with water to obtain the concentrations indicated in the tables. Immerse hollow bodies so as to allow air to completely
escape from the lumen and all surfaces to be moistened.
Do not exceed contact times or application concentrations.
After contact time, rinse all disinfected items thoroughly with running water. Due to its cationic nature gigasept® instru AF should not be mixed with non-approved cleaners.
In case of heavy soiling gigasept® instru AF is miscible with gigazyme®.
gigasept® instru AF has a lifetime of 7 days. In case of heavy soiling, early renewal of the solution is recommended.
Ultrasonic cleaning
gigasept® instru AF is particularly suitable for use in ultrasonic devices. The chemical stability of the product is maintained in this process. Studies have shown that very good cleaning can be achieved with gigasept® instru AF after only a few seconds.
Reference reports can be provided on request.
Moreover, the stock solution should not be heated above 40 °C and should be renewed at least twice a day.
Compatibility of materials
gigasept® instru AF is suitable for materials such as: • metals • rubber • glass • porcelain • plastics (suitable for polycarbonate to a limited extent)
If stock solutions and concentrates of gigasept® instru AF come into contact with other products (especially ones containing aldehyde), precipitations/discolouration/losses of ecacy are possible. Therefore, any mixture with other products is to be avoided.

We therefore recommend rinsing all application aids and tubs thoroughly before using gigasept® instru AF for the first time

2 Litre

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