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Gigasept EnzymaticFJB-030

Powder Concentrate

Schulke & Mayr

Advanced high performance tri-enzymatic powder concentrate for manual cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments.

  • the 3 enzymes directly target and break down proteins, sugars and fats in any debris for an effective cleaning solution

  • effective against bacteria (inc.TB), fungi and viruses (inc. HBV, HCV and HIV) in 15 mins

  • contains corrosion inhibitors

gigasept® enzymatic is used in 0.5 % solution i.e. 5 g of powder to 1 litre of warm tap water.

Immerse preferably disassembled instruments in the recommended in use solution for 15 minutes. After immersion rinse thoroughly – solution should be changed daily or earlier if heavy soiling is evident.

The physical-/chemical stability of the product permits use in ultrasonic baths. If used in ultrasonic baths the solution should be changed twice daily.


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