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Hygitech Duo Implantology Kit - Economy PackLNE-910

Box of 5 Kits


The ECONOMY PACK contains 5 Duo Implantology Kits.
Price £70.00 (Equivalent £14.00 per kit)
High quality sterile kit comprising of all the necessary drapes, protective items and clothing garments for the surgeon. Each kit is sterilised with ethylene oxide and individually packed. Gowns are surgically folded.
The set contains 32 separate items:
 1)      4 x Polyethylene gloves
 2)      2 x Tie-on masks
 3)      1 x Surgical cap
 4)      2 x Bouffant caps
 5)      1 x Surgical gown with cotton cuffs
 6)      1 x Assistant gown with cotton cuffs
 7)      2 x Pairs of overshoes
 8)      1 x Surgical brush with nail cleaner
 9)      4 x Paper hand-towels
10)     1 x Surgical drape (75cmx75cm)
11)     1 x U-Shaped surgical drape with adhesive (80cmx100cm)
12)     2 x Protective sleeves for tubing (8cmx120cm)
13)     3 x Non-latex elastic bands
14)     2 x Elastic cap handle covers
15)     1 x Adhesive protective cover for control panel
16)     1 x Wrapping paper
4 peelable labels are stuck on each kit to make it easier to keep records of traceability.
In addition, 2 of the stickers have bar codes which help the dental surgery effectively manage its stock.

Box of 5 Kits

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