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DTE DPEX III Pro Apex LocatorOBA-010

Complete Unit


  • 97, 71% accuracy rate; Upgraded chip, real-time response, the sensibility has been doubly improved; Innovative algorithm, multi-frequency measurement, and anti-interference setting
  • Equipped with clear bright LCD, clear image and different color indicate the trajectory of the file clearly. 
  • Based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technology and automatic calibrating ensures the measurements are accurate.
  • Autoclavable file clip, file hook, file probe. Avoiding cross infection effectively.
  • When doing the measurement, the changes of the sound can indicate the position of the file in the root-canal.

Battery: 3.7V/750mAh
Power consumption: ≤ 0.5 W
Screen: 4.5'' LCD
Net weight: 385g
Dimension: 138mm x 77mm x 107mm


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