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Picture of NDL Halogen Light Bulb 24V 60W

Belmont Light BulbsOPX-510


Today's new blue light bulbs have the advantage of releasing less heat. For best results, polymerisation units should be regularly checked, ensuring the fibre optic is in good condition, enabling best possible results.

Lamps need to be replaced every 3-6 months (depending on level of use) to avoid a reduction in performance. To ensure the best results, it is imperative that the lamp is exposed in 400mw/mc2 and is left for 10-20 seconds in between 400 and 500nm. If this is not done, the results will not be satisfactory and will have a harmful, non-polymerisation effect.

Suitable For: Siemens Sirolux S24 V, Fantastic

Volts: 24 Watts: 60


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