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Air-Flow Handy 2+OYC-010


Effective, practical and comfortable for practitioner and patients alike, the AIR-FLOW® handy 2+ is the most advanced prophylaxis handy yet. Swiss precision and design combine with the latest in high-tech materials to remove stain and plaque, to aid in the prevention of caries, gingivitis, periodontitis as well as to maintain implants.

In orthodontics, it prepares the surface before bonding and cleans fixed bands and brackets. In prosthetics, it brings about an improvement in bonding properties. In esthetic dentistry, it optimizes bleaching performance.

No Clogging, No Failure

With the AIR-FLOW® handy 2+, EMS created an outstanding designer handpiece. Offering flexibility when using the treatment unit, the AIR-FLOW® handy 2+ is easy to use and absolutely reliable for prophylaxis and for preparing dental treatments. Its unique free-flow technology prevents clogging.

Based on the Original AIR-FLOW® Method from EMS, a blend of AIR-FLOW® powder and air combines with water to produce a precise jet spray. The AIR-FLOW® handy 2+ delivers efficiency in air polishing and fits most turbine connections.

What for What?

The right powder for each treatment. The popular AIR-FLOW® Powder CLASSIC comes in 6 different flavors and the new Powder SOFT guarantees an extra gentle use of the Original AIR-FLOW® Method with regular prophylaxis and recall.


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