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DEHP Crown & Bridge AcrylicHLK-010


DE Healthcare

  • DE Crown & Bridge Acrylic Universal is a state-of-the-Art Crown & Bridge acrylic in an Automix dispense system.
  • The cartridge can be used in any dispenser with the special 4:1 slide.
  • The temporary restoration can be produced either in the mouth or on a model and has excellent clinical performances.
  • Take a pre-impression with Alginate or a Silicone material or Polyether. Dispense 2 mm into a tissue before applying into the impression. Working time 90 seconds. When curing in the mouth allow a setting time of 2-3 minutes before removing the preparation to remove excess material (the material is still elastic). The final curing can be increased in hot water for (2-3 minutes). The smearlayer can be removed with the alcohol pad before finishing and polishing. For curing on the model allow a setting time of 3-5 minutes, before final curing in hot water (3 minutes).
  • Colour: A2


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