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Aqua-Fil Glass IonomerEXR-010


  • A fast-setting glass ionomer restorative activated by mixing with water.
  • Adheres directly to enamel, dentine, cementum and set amalgam.
  • High resistance to wear and erosion.
  • Biologically compatible and releases fluoride.
  • Indications: Class V cavities (particularly erosion lesions), Class III cavities, Posterior cavities in deciduous teeth.

Introductory Pack:
• 1 x 10g net Light Yellow (No.2 LY) powder
• 1 x 10g net Universal (No.3 U) powder
• 1 x 10g net Light Grey (No.4 LG) powder
• 1 x 10g net Yellow Brown (No.5 YB) powder
• 1 x 10g net Yellow Grey (No.7 YG) powder
• 1 x 10ml Tooth Cleanser
• Water Dispensing Bottle
• Powder Scoop
• Shade Guide

10g Powder

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