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CleanCert + BioFilm CleanerFOL-020

5 Litre


CleanCert+ Biofilm Disinfectant

Our disinfectant is ideal for any waterline or surface that comes into contact with water.


The ultimate goal after any recommended treatment is ‘0’ (zero) CFU, aka Colony Forming Units, as this demonstrates that there are no pathogens being detected that could multiply out and cause bio-film build-up.Time and again, independent research has shown that after a 5 minute contact time, CleanCert Plus results in 0 (zero) CFU. Many other disinfectants do not achieve this.


We do understand the constant strains on your budget:

Weekly- both the purchase price and the cost per week of using our biofilm cleaner in your dental practice, makes CleanCert+ fantastic value compared to your current biofilm cleaner.

Annually- NO separate 'shock treatments'  or 'starter kits' needed.

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Sizes & Starter Kits

Available in either 2.5 or 5 litre containers

Starter Kit - includes measuring jug & 100 testing strips


5 Litre Bottle

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