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Alpron Clean & Clear Biofilm Re-Treatment KitFOB-007


Alpro Medical

Alpron Clean & Clear Kit (Biofilm Removal Retreatment)

The Alpron Clean & Clear kit is designed to complete a second Bioflm Removal Protocol if needed. We normally find less than 5% of Dental Units require a second purge to remova the Biofilm. We recommend you always check the quality of the Dental Unit Water by using our Dip Slides Every 3 Months.

On completion of a successful BRS (Biofilm Removal) we can issue a Certificate to the Practice stating you are now working to the EU Directive 98/83 Standard of less than 100c.f.u. ( Colony Forming Units) per ml.

There are three parts to the removal process.

The BRS Enzymatic crystals are used to open up the water channels in the biofilm, and the biofilm is then removed with flushing using the mixed solution of Citric Acid crystals and activator.

During this process (pH shock) the dissolved, stubborn residues are totally removed and are visibly rinsed out without causing any blockages to your equipment.

To ensure a continued biofilm-free system, use Alpron maintenance solution in a 1% concentration in your clean water bottle, on a continuous basis.

Product Features

  • Re-treatment kit for dental unit water lines
  • 1 Sachet of Enzymatic Crystals
  • 1 Sachet of Citric Acid and Activator
  • 1 Dip slide water test - To ensure you are below the recommended limit water retreatment
  • Full instructions


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