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Picture of Dentmate Curing Light Ledex WL070+ Ortho
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Dentmate Curing Light Ledex WL070+ OrthoOFC-010



Wireless charging stand
No need to plug in the cable; No pogo pin required.

Built-in intensity indicator
Easy to interpret due to the built-in intensity indicator.

Simple operations
Including 3 ortho modes (4/5/6 secs) ;3 standard modes (10/20/30 secs) .

Cure fast in 4 seconds for one bracket .
Having the high power 5W LED, each bracket can be cured in 4 seconds. One curing cycle for nine brackets.

Never Shutdown After Continuous Use
Having the smart heat management system, the device will not be overheated after continuous use.

Varieties of optical fiber light guide rod
There are 3,5,and 8 mm black or transparent optical fiber light guide rod to be applied.


Light source High power dental blue 5 W LED, average lifespan is 100,000 hours
Wavelength 440-480 nm, peak:460 nm
Radiant intensity up to 1400 mW/cm²
Light guide rod Ø8mm optical fiber, Sterilizable in autoclave
(max. T. 135℃ for 20 minutes)
Weight 120 g (with battery & light guide rod)
Dimensions Ø 26 (max) x L156 mm
Wireless charging stand
Weight 85 g
Dimensions W45 x L135 x H40 mm
Type Lithium-ion, 3.7 V/800 mAh
Charge time About 3 hours
Use time 40 Minutes (200 times in 10 Sec. standard mode)
Type Micro USB
Input 100 ~ 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Output DC 5 V/2 A


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