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Anestadent Standard 1:100000 2.2mlXXA-165

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Dentsply Sirona

NEW Anestadent™ 4% w/v and 1:100,000 Solution for injection Articaine hydrochloride / epinephrine tartrate.

There are many factors to consider in selecting an anaesthetic agent: length of procedure, duration of action, formula strength, and most importantly your patient’s overall health before, during and post-procedure.

NEW from Dentsply Sirona, Anestadent offers multiple-procedure versatility in a potent, long-lasting, vasoconstrictive anaesthetic.

Class II Direct Restoration Procedure

Duration of action—Articaine has a quicker onset compared to lidocaine and a recent study found it to be 3.8 times superior in infiltration anaesthesia6

Formula strength—It is believed that Articaine may provide anaesthetic success when other local anaesthetics are unable to provide profound anaesthesia4

Vascular Constriction—reduces bleeding, helping to maintain a clear, drier surgical field

Endodontic Procedure

Duration of action—Articaine provides long lasting pulpal anaesthesia and more effective post-operative pain management6

Formula strength—Articaine contains a thiophene ring, which allows greater potency, meaning your patients will be anaesthetised during and after the procedure4

Vascular Constriction—A vasoconstrictor provides hemostasis during pulp removal and improves the anaesthetic onset and duration, contributing to longer post-operative pain control

Implant Procedure

Duration of action—Articaine has a quicker onset than lidocaine and a recent study found it to be 2.4 times more potent overall for longer procedures6

Formula strength—In the surgical setting, Articaine’s adrenaline concentration has been shown not to affect the patient’s perception of anaesthetic duration, postoperative analgesia or clinical efficacy during the removal of mandibular third molars4

Vascular Constriction—reduces bleeding during the procedure, helping to maintain a clear, drier surgical field and decreases the systemic absorption rate of the local anaesthetic

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a) an error in delivery.
b) the product was damaged in transit.
c) in response to a batch recall.

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