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Picture of Dia-X Ni-Ti Files (Protaper Gold Alt)

Dia-X Ni-Ti Files (Protaper Gold Alt)DWU-211



An alternative to Protaper Gold, Dia-X File is the Nickel Titanium rotary file with a Gold Heat Treatment, this achieves a greater flexibility than other Nickel Titanium Files and it offers a smoother and safer progression in the root canal. The fracture resistance has been increased by 143% after Gold Heat Treatment.

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Superior Cutting Efficiency

  • Sharp and strong blade construction to help file move deep into the canal
  • Triangular cross section reduces contact with the canal wall
  • Designed to instrument calcified or severely curved canals

High Flexibility

  • Progressive taper design increases flexibility and efficiency
  • High corrosion resistance with coated surface

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Short Shaping Time

  • Decreases total shaping time versus a traditional rotary technique.
  • Easily shape in calcified or highly curved canals.

Highly Integrable

  • Designed to work interchangeably with your current technique  and system
  • Perfect matching GP and PP points: Dia-ProT
  • Recommended Speed : 250~350 rpm
  • Recommended Torque : 2~3 Ncm

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