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HPC Water Testing DipSlideFOB-015

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HPC Water Testing Dip Slide

A New Dip Slide to offer a much more accurate assessment of your water quality. The New Dip Slides have a special dehydrated media to insolate chlorine stressed bacteria as found in your Dental Unit Water Lines.

They are 100 fold more accurate than traditional Dip Slides as they are accurate down to 1 CFU/per ml. So unlike our other slides you will proboably grow colonies, but any number under 100 is a pass. So now unlike older Dip Slides where you could only record a pass or fail now you will have a number to record. This will now show how well you have passed, which is much better for your HTM01-05 and CQC records.

We recommend the following bands:

c.f.u Per ml (Number of Dots)

Result After 7 Day Incuabation
0 - 60
Pass - Well done
61 - 80
Pass - Check with next results if the number increases look to re-clean your unit
81 - 100
Caution - Re-test and if still high we would recommend a re-clean.
101 +
FAIL - Re-Clean Required Immediately

The Slides are easy to use, just remove the red slide from the plastic housing, and fill to the fill line. Re-insert the slide and place the slide face down for 30seconds. Then empty the water from the slide, and then leave face down for 7 days at room temperature.

After 7 days read the results (count the dots) and record your result.

The new slides as a major step forward for their accuracey and this means we have a quantative test rather than a semi quatative test, so from a scientific stance these are the Dip Slides of choice.

Product Features

  • 1 c.f.u Accuracy
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Interpret


Pack of 10

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