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Satelec Scaler Tips

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Satelec Scaling KitOAC-020

Including 4 Tips

Satelec Acteon

Delivered with an autoclavable plastic box, n.1, n.2, n.10X, n.10Z tips and three blue and one green autoclavable dynamometric wrenches..

The four scaling tips, sub and sub-gingival, are ideal for the current cases in daily practice (pocket <3-4mm). All the inserts have the new system of "spray control" (SATELEC® exclusivity).

Tips have to be oriented tangentially to the treated surface. Apply on all the surface a to-and-fro sweeping motion to "push" and "pull" calculus without damaging the enamel. It is essential NOT to use excessive side pressure. The elimination of the important deposits can require the appeal to the "Boost" mode during short periods.


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