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Picture of BeSure TST Indicator Strips - Class 6

BeSure TST Indicator Strips - Class 6FRG-010

134°C / 3.5 mins


  • Premium Quality.
  • Class 6 cycle verification indicator.
  • The TST indicator allows the end user to single out individual trays, packs or pouches that were not exposed to sufficient sterilisation conditions.
  • Place strip on pouch, pack or tray.
  • Colour change denotes steam has penetrated to ensure all parameters have been met.
  • Use every cycle.
  • BeSure TST Indicator Strip 134 degrees C / 3.5mins Class 6 cycle verification indicator - ensures all parameters of the steriliser are met.
  • Time Steam & Temperature Indicators Conforms to ISO 11140-1 Class 6 manufactured.

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