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Picture of Grandio SO Heavy Flow Syringe

Grandio SO Heavy Flow SyringeEVJ-010


Highly viscous, light-cured, flowable 83% filled Nano Hybrid Composite

Restoration of minimally invasive cavities of all classes
Restoration of small class I cavities and for extended fissure sealing
Restoration of class II – V cavities including wedge-shaped defects and cervical caries
Blocking out of undercuts
Lining or coating of cavities
Repair of restorations and veneers
Cementing of attachment of translucent prostheses (e.g. all-ceramic crowns etc.)

  • Strong enough for occlusal surfaces of class I + II restorations
  • Superior physical properties through 83% filler content
  • Wear resistance of a hybrid
  • No undesirable runoff; increased stability in comparison to conventional flowables
  • Simplified filling of undercuts, approximal boxes and paragingival areas
  • Ideal for proximal and cervical areas
  • Ideal for use with the GrandTEC glass fiber system

2x Syringes 2g

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