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Hybrid Polishing PointsBUM-010

T&F Points Kit


Fine adjusting and the best preparation for polishing in esthetic dentistry is what lies behind the development of SHOFU’s T&F Hybrid Points.
The ultra-fine diamond grit allows enamel, porcelain and composite finishing with optimum results.

These diamond abrasives are available in a fine grit size and 10 shapes.


In the dental practice

  • Finishing of composites
  • very fine adjustments to tooth enamel and porcelain

Field of use
suitable for the following:
Tooth enamel, porcelain, composites


  • exact, uniform distribution of very fine diamond particles
  • exactly centred
  • ten different shapes and sizes
  • computerized manufacturing technique
  • long lasting
  • consistent finishing performance
  • ideal surface finish before final polishing
  • precision running
  • vibration-free action

Material properties

Working end
working end uniformly coated with natural diamond particles in a fine grit size

Shapes and sizes
10 shapes for various preparation steps

Stainless steel shank
Working end and shank as one piece and exactly centred

Shank shapes
FG = Turbine

Recommended speed range
300,000 - 450,000 min-1
The recommended speed range varies according to the type of shank and the shape and size of the working end.


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