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ExaMix Normal Set WashGVB-160


A-Silicone Impression Material in Cartridges

Thixotropic hydrophilic impression material in cartridges for all popular impression techniques. The improved flow, extended working time and the snap set, make this an extremely easy-to-use A-silicone material. The hydrogen scavenger formulation eliminates the formation of gas bubbles and therefore allows immediate pouring with gypsum.


  • Hydrophilic and thixotropic properties
         Exact reproduction of detail
  • High elasticity and tear resistant
         Easy removal from the mouth
  • High dimensional stability, uniform flow
         Problem free impression taking
  • Hydrogen-scavenger formulation
         Immediate pouring with gypsum
  • Very good adhesion to all GC A-silicone impression materials
         Part of a complete program of impression materials
  • New cartridge delivery
         Homogeneous, bubble free mixing without crossover contamination

2x 48ml Cartridge + Tips

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