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Gleam II - Ultrasonic CleanerFJN-310


Gleam Ultrasonic Cleaning
A pleasantly scented cleaning solution that will make your instruments shine

II is a concentrated, non-ammoniated ultrasonic cleaning solution specially developed for optimal cleaning efficiency. Gleam II is designed to work in all types of ultrasonic cleaning units and is packaged in a convenient Tip 'n' Measure bottle for easy dispensing.
Gleam II's powerful detergents thoroughly clean dental instruments, quickly and safely removing blood, tissue, mucous and other organic soils. A unique blend of surfactants efficiently cleans away lipids, starches and inorganic debris and prevents them from re-depositing. The powerful formulation of Gleam II contains chelating agents to help restore instrument's original shine.
Gleam II contains special corrosion inhibitors and when used as directed will not harm stainless steel, hard plastics, rubber or
glass. Gleam II leaves no residue on instruments or the ultrasonic cleaning tank.

- Pleasantly scented
- Makes your instruments shine
- Bacteriostatic
- Will not harm stainless steel instruments
- Safe on hard plastics, glass and rubber
- Easy-to-use Tip N Measure bottle



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