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Picture of Implacare II

Implacare IINUA-710


Implacare II scalers, Hu-Friedy’s latest development in implant maintenance, provide thinner working ends and new designs that allow you to better adapt to and effectively scale implants while causing the least amount of alteration to implant abutment surfaces.

Hu-Friedy is committed to providing safe and efficacious products for the long-term health of your patients.

Features & Benefits

  • Made of PLASTEEL: A high grade, unfilled resin that causes the least amount of alteration to implant abutment surfaces
  • 20% thinner tip design: Allows for improved access to implant abutment surfaces and allows for more effective maintenance and care of implants
  • Two NEW universal curette designs: The Barnhart 5/6 and Langer 1/2 join the Columbia 4R/4L, 204S, and H6/H7 to provide a well-rounded set of options so you can select the instrument best suited for each patient’s needs

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