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Picture of Biosonic UC50D Ultrasonic Cleaner

Biosonic UC50D Ultrasonic CleanerOKB-150

2 Litre Capacity

Coltene Whaledent

  • Ultrasonic cleaning is a process created by high frequency sound-waves. The sound-waves create high energy cavitation. During cavitation millions of tiny bubbles form and then implode, releasing enormous amounts of energy and shock waves. This powerful scouring action reaches into minute crevices which cannot be reached by manual scrubbing. The combination of energy and specially formulated solutions make ultrasonic cleaning the most effective method for removing gross and microscopic debris.
  • BioSonic is a complete ultrasonic cleaning system which consists of three different cleaner unit sizes, a full line of cleaning solutions and unit accessories which provide you with the flexibility to efficiently clean and disinfect instruments, prostheses and other items.

Gentle but effective cleaning

  • instruments get cleaned thoroughly but stay in shape and sharp even after frequent cleaning cycles

Quiet performance

  • closed lid operation
  • plastic housing

User safety

  • built in drain with extra long drain tube for safe disposal of contaminated solutions (UC125 and UC300)
  • raised ridges inside baskets for safe removal of instruments

Long lasting attractive appearance

  • wear-resistant plastic housing which will not stain or dent

Technical Information

  • Tank capacity 3.2 liters
  • Fill capacity 2.0 liters
  • Overall Dimensions (l × w × h) 27.3 × 21.9 × 20.3 cm
  • Tank Dimensions (l × w × d) 19.7 × 14.6 × 10.5 cm
  • Output 50 watts
  • Operating Frequencies 53 kHz


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