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Addition Cured Silicones

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Express 2 Penta HGVJ-255


The Express™ 2 VPS range offers impression materials designed for the 1-step and the 2-step impression technique. These products come in a variety of viscosities - ranging from putty to ultra-light body. All Express 2 Tray Materials can be mixed automatically in the Pentamix™ Automatic Mixing Unit - even those who prefer a putty consistency can benefit from the advantages the Pentamix System offers.

  • A comprehensive portfolio offering many options - dentists can select their preferred viscosity and technique.
  • Available for all deliveries: Hand mix, Garant™ Dispenser, Penta™ Cartridges
  • Experience true putty consistency – plus the convenience of automatic mixing.
  • Crown impressions
  • Bridge impressions
  • Inlay impressions
  • Onlay impressions

Refills conatin :
2 base pastes – 300 ml
2 catalysts – 60 ml
1 information for use

2x 360 ml

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