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Face Visors

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Face Visor KitCGF-021

Pegasus Astek

The Pegasus Face Visor unit comprises a lightweight reusable frame + 12 disposable visors which connect to protect the entire face and eye area.
Pegasus face visors are fully autoclavable and the frames come in a range of colours.

The Frame:

  • Secure and comfortable fit verified by opticians
  • Lightweight frame - only 9gms
  • Arms can fold with visor attached
  • Autoclaveable
  • No metal hinges

The Visor:

  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant
  • Shaped for improved ventilation and maximum coverage
  • Easy-to-fit and secure visor attachments
  • Protective film with easy peel tabs


1 Frame + 12 Visors

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