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Expazen Gingival RetractionGBC-010

Pierre Rolland Acteon


The first cord-paste ever

  • Expazen is easily placed within 20 seconds
  • It acts in 1 to 2 minutes.
  • It can remain in the sulcus up to 12 minutes

Temporary sulcular opening

EXPAZEN may be used in all the indications of sulcular opening:
• Finishing of the preparation limits
• Dental impression with or without prior gingival removal
• Sealing/bonding of prosthesis
• In conservative dentistry when restoring class II and V cavities especially
• In orthodontics to push back the marginal gingiva and dry the site for bonding brackets.

The main characteristics of EXPAZEN are as follows:
• Respect of the periodontium
• Painless method
• EXPAZEN is slightly soluble
• EXPAZEN has astringent and haemostatic surface properties by compression
• Mean duration of the opening: 1 to 2 minutes depending on clinical conditions.

Pack of 25 x 0.2g

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