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HyFlex EDM FilesDWJ-110

Coltene Whaledent

HyFlex™ EDM 
Electrical Discharge Machining


Like the well established HyFlex™ CM files, all HyFlex™ EDM files are characterised by their exceptional flexibility. In contrast to traditional NiTi files, they exhibit almost no memory and can thus be pre-bent. Due to the “Controlled Memory” effect, the file moves optimally in the canal centre, helping to reduce the risks of a Via Falsa. Following instrument sterilisation, the files return to their original shape and achieve almost the same stability as a new file. This unmatched combination of flexibility and breakage resistance enables a significant reduction in the number of files used, without making compromises in the maintenance of the natural root canal anatomy.


The modular design of the HyFlex™ CM and EDM NiTi files gives dentists superior operating ability in almost every situation. Depending on the root canal geometry, the professional can choose between quick instrumentation using a few files or highly precise canal shaping with a sophisticated combination of various NiTi files. The simple and secure handling of the files quickly earns the trust of the entire practice team. As a result, more and more dentists are getting on board with the supreme discipline of conservative dentistry.

  • High flexibility
  • Extreme resistance to fracture
  • Centred canal preparation
HyFlex files are manufactured utilising a unique process in which
the crystallographic phase transitions from austenite to martensite
at room temperature in contrast to conventional NiTi files,
making the files extremely flexible and fracture resistant.
Due to the controlled memory, the files always follow the anatomy
of the canal, thus significantly reducing the risk of ledging,
transportation or perforation of a canal. Like stainless steel files,
the HyFlex files can be pre-bent.
This is a crucial advantage in extremely curved root canals to
avoid the creation of steps.

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