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Pure Etch GelEOI-010

Pure Clinisure

PURE etch gel is a 37% phosphoric acid etch gel with optimum thixotropic flow properties. It is used for the etching of tooth substance as part of the melt-etch technique and the total-etch technique. If used in accordance with the safety and usage instructions, the product has no known side effects. Underfilling materials may be etched by the etch gel in case of longer acting times.

PURE etch gel can be easily decanted and reliably applied, does not dry out, and can be stored for at least 2 years following the production date at maximum storage temperature of 25˚C.

Jumbo Kit Includes:

  • 70g (50ml) etching gel
  • 10 syringes
  • 50 application tips


70g Syringe + 10 Syringes + Tips

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