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Picture of ANA 2000 Duett 400 High Copper Admix Alloy

ANA 2000 Duett 400 High Copper Admix AlloyEZL-110

400 Kit


Duett – The safety and convenience of capsules, without the cost!

The Duett capsule system is environmentally friendly when comparing to other capsule presentations. The reusable capsules are specially designed to be tight ensuring safety and hygiene. Duett is also cost saving, only half the cost when comparing with disposable capsules. The convenience of having one box, instead of one for each spill, is indisputable. Dentists conclude that the best homogeneously mix is accomplished with Duett.

Kit Contains:
400 tablets and 400 mercury sachets, 8 reusable capsules, 1 pair of tweezers and instructions for use.

They have well balanced expansion and high strength. This combination gives tight margins, long lasting fillings and few marginal breakdowns.





  • High copper
  • controlled expansion
  • Lathe cut particles
  • Short setting time


  • Long-lasting, resistant and strong
  • Excellent marginal adaption
  • Crunchy feeling when condensing
  • Time saving




Alloy Composition

Ag 43,1%
Sn 30,8%
Cu 26,1%HY

Compressive strength:

1h  -  115 MPa
24h  -  450 MPa
7 Days  -  510 MPa

Static creep: 0,1%

Dimensional change: 24 h  +0,02%

400 Kit

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