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Affinis System 75GVC-085

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AFFINIS - a new bench mark in impression technology
AFFINIS, an A-Silicone, differs in three characteristic features from other surface activated impression materials.

Unique surface affinity
The differentiating element of AFFINIS is a fast and unique affinity of mixed material to moist tooth structure and tissue (gingiva).
With its hydrocolloid-like flow properties, affinis reaches all critical areas without the need of pressure from the tray material.

Optimized flow

Typically, the addition of surfactants not only provides improved wetting but unfortunately creates a flow limit of the impression material.
As a consequence, the material tends to entrap air. AFFINIS however, based on its unique combination of additives which are capable of breaking material structures, displays a very low barrier to flow (self-contouring consistency) and this prevents air entrapments. At the same time, the mixed material is optimal thixotropic not to drip off the preparation.

Better models
AFFINIS, due to its synergistic and extremely active surfactant system, displays a fast and outstanding wetting by water of the set impression.
When pouring the gypsum, the dental technician will appreciate these properties.

Innovative surface affinity
The surface affinity of a defined volume of unbonded impression material will take an impression after 10 seconds on moist dentine.
This in vitro method shows which impression materials demonstrate ideal flow properties on a moist tooth surface. These properties allow AFFINIS to flow to all clinically relevant points without application of pressure to form the basis of an accurately fitted dental restoration.

Cartridge 75ml x 2, Mixing Tips x 8

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