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Automatrix Matrix SystemECA-010

Dentsply Sirona

  • AutoMatrix is a Retainerless Metal Matrix which is time-saving, gives you a clear field of vision and makes it easier on your patient.
  • AutoMatrix Retainerless Metal Matrix is indicated where placement of a matrix band around a prepared tooth will facilitate contouring of a direct placement of restorative material (class II preparations).
  • AutoMatrix metal bands are available in 4 different sizes: medium-thin, narrow-regular, medium-regular and wide-regular.

The Automatrix Retainerless Introductory Kit includes:

  • 24 x Medium Thin Bands
  • 24 x Medium Regular Bands
  • 24 x Narrow Regular Bands
  • 24 x Wide Regular Bands
  • 1 x Automate III Tightening Device
  • 1 x Pair of Snippers

Pack of 72

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