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Hawe Implant Prophy PasteBDX-010



Hawe Implant Paste – For Cleaning and Polishing of Implants.

Paste containing aluminiumoxide

This special prophy paste is developed for an efficient and gentle maintenance of implants! With a pleasant fresh mint taste and without fluoride, this pumice-free paste will ideally be applied after the use of Implant Deplaquers to eliminate biofilm deposits. The selected formulation and the low RDA of 10 are permitting to regularly clean the implant surface without scratching the surface of it. The result will impress even the most demanding professionals, as the paste imparts a cleaned metallic implant surface and will so slow down a fast re-implementation of new deposits. This is the condition for a healthy implant and so contributes to a longlasting life of it.
All cups and brushes can be recommended for an implant hygiene session with this special paste.

Contents: 45g paste, without fluoride and Peppermint flavour

45g Tube

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