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Picture of DuoMax 2 in 1 Sanitising and Cleaning Wipes

DuoMax 2 in 1 Sanitising and Cleaning WipesFMH-055

200 Tub



Available in tubs of 200 fragrance free sheets.

The combination of the DuoMax solution impregnated into a non woven poly cotton cloth produces one of the safest, fastest and most efficient ways to apply this disinfecting agent to all types of surfaces.

It can be used on all surfaces in a medical environment. Being alcohol free, the wipes do not dry out quickly and leave a fighting residual barrier on the surfaces where it is used. The wipes, whilst in use do not give the effect to hands normally associated with alcohol and chlorine based products.  

  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Re-sealable pack keeps the wipes fresh
  • Alcohol free so they don’t dry out
  • Can be used on surfaces to kill off the invisible bacteria, viruses, fungi’s and spores
  • Safe and effective to use on medical and industrial instruments
  • Achieves a 99.9999% kill rate against bacteria


DuoMax uses unique and ground breaking technology to kill pathogens.

On contact, DuoMax pierces the outer membrane of the pathogen and dismantles and destroys the DNA and RNA which eliminates the risk of pathogens developing resistance to the product. Alcohol only denatures the external membrane protein which does not kill the pathogen but only temporarily disables them, allowing it to regenerate with increased strength.

By removing the protein, DuoMax not only kills the bacteria, but any odour will also be removed.


If there are one million bacteria in a Petri dish, a product which has a 3 log reduction would only kill 999,000 of the bacteria. This leaves 1,000 bacteria. DuoMax has a 6 log reduction against bacteria which means it kills 99.9999% bacteria. So from those initial one million bacteria, DuoMax kills 999,999 bacteria.

99.9% isn’t looking so great now....


With DuoMax scientific technology, are able to achieve the following results against bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.


Tub of 200

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