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Picture of Directa Luxator Periotome

Directa Luxator PeriotomeNZL-010


Luxator Periotome are specially designed periodontal ligament knifes with a fine tapering blade that compresses the aveolar, cuts the membrane to enable the dentist to gently ease the tooth from its socket. The extraction operation may be performed with the minimum amount of tissue damage. Healing is therefor quicker and the operation iless distressing for the patient and surgical team alike.

  • Various angles have been added to the 3mm and 5mm models according to the needs of dentists.
  • The most popular and well-used model is the 3mm straight- 3S.
  • Luxator Peritome is avaiable in a kit of 7.
  • Luxator kits include a special sharpening tool.



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