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Copal Cavity VarnishJUH-010

  • Dentin varnishes alleviate post-operative discomfort and prevent pulp irritation caused by certain components of cements and restoratives.
  • They also provide an additional measure of protection against secondary decay.
  • The most cost effective among them, Copal Varnish, is limited in its use to sealing dentin tubulae under amalgam restorations, as it interferes with the curing process of resin-based materials.
  • The more sophisticated Sci-Pharm Universal Cavity Varnish and its counterpart, Microjoin Dentin Sealer, can be used under any type of restorative or cement.


  • Most economical and convenient way to seal dentin tubulae under amalgam restorations
  • Easy to apply due to moderate rate of curing
  • Packaged in an unbreakable dispensing dropper bottle containing 15cc (1/2 oz.) of varnish
  • No thinner necessary
  • Does not contain chloroform or ethyl ether

15cc Bottle

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