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Imprint 4 Bite VPS Bite Registration MaterialGZB-110



Bite registration material

Imprint™ 4 Bite Registration – fast and accurate

With its great flow properties and a high enough viscosity, Imprint™ 4 Bite Registration material does not flow deeply into interdental areas and delivers highly accurate bite registrations. A high final hardness and low flexibility after setting allow for easy cutting and trimming as well as accurate positioning of stone models.

Imprint™ 4 Bite Registration offers a pleasant working time and a short setting time of only 60 seconds, keeping procedures moving quickly while enhancing patient comfort. And, it helps to reduce inaccuracies due to jaw movements during setting.

  • Developed for highly accurate bite registrations
  • Saves time with a fast intra-oral setting
  • Scannable

2 x 50ml

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