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Express VPS Impression MaterialGVJ-230


Express VPS Impression Material provides you with the reliability proven by millions of impressions made worldwide in over 20 years.

Due to its various components, Express VPS impression material allows for maximum technique flexibility. You have the freedom to use either the two-step or simultaneous putty-wash technique. Due to its flow properties and hydrophilicity, Express wash materials provide excellent detail reproduction.

The new design of mixing tips allows faster and easier mixing with precise access thanks to the fine intraoral tip. Used in the putty-wash technique, the orange Express STD Putty mixes easily without streaking while the thixotropic wash materials flow freely, yet stays on your preparation without slumping.

The Garant Dispenser promises virtually no more plugged cartridges because of its reusable cap and an easier dispensing system.

The additional advantages of this system are:

  • Dual-port cartridge minimizes risk of cross contamination.
  • Garant dispenser works with all 3M ESPE syringeable impression materials.
  • Color-coded cartridges and mixing tips for easy use.
  • The Garant dispenser is completely steam autoclavable.
  • Smaller mixing tip reduces waste up to 35 %.


4x 50ml Cartidges

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