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Alginoplast QuicksetGUO-030


Heraeus Kulzer

Alginoplast® – the firm alginate offering detailed reproduction with high stability.
It shows a high level of accuracy, elasticity and tensile strength, and is also extremely well compatible with plaster. The dust free and clean mixing is easy and comfortable
We use high quality seaweed from preferred cultivation areas as a basis for our alginate impression material. These alginates last longer without preservatives. Since they do not contain any chemical disinfectants, they are skin and gingiva friendly. Their mild peppermint taste also makes the impression more pleasant for the patient. Alginoplast is best suited for documentation, analysis, planning, opposing bite and working model.
Alginoplast fulfils your requirements of modern materials for anatomic impression.
  • Its stable consistency, offering detailed reproduction, is ideal for dentists who prefer a stable alginate with high stability.
  • The fast setting variant saves time and is practical.
  • The normal-setting variant is suitable for automatic mixing without time pressure during processing.

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