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Admira Fusion X-traEUA-420


Admira Fusion x-tra

Nanohybrid ORMOCER® restorative material, 4 mm


Class I and II posterior restorations

Base in class I and II cavities

Class V restorations

Locking, splinting of loose anteriors

Repairing veneers, small enamel defects and temporary C&B-materials

Extended fissure sealing

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Core build-up


  • Purely ceramic-based, fast-track restorative material

  • Fast and high-quality – reliable curing of 4 mm layers

  • Thanks to the most innovative ORMOCER® technology
    – By far the lowest polymerisation shrinkage (1.25 % by volume) and particularly low level of shrinkage stress, providing optimal marginal integrity
    – Inert, so highly biocompatible and extremely resistant to discolouration

  • Excellent handling, simple high-lustre polishing procedure coupled with high surface hardness guarantee first-class long-term results

  • Universal shade with chameleon effect

  • Compatible with all conventional bonding agents



15 Caps

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