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Chelating Agents

Picture of Dia-Prep Plus EDTA

Dia-Prep Plus EDTADIE-010


EDTA Root Canal Preparation Cream 

(use in conjunction with sodium hypochlorite)

  • Debridement in the root canal
  • Dissolution of pulp remnants
  • Removal of smear layer
  • Facile movements of canal instruments
  • Microbicidal treatment within the canal
  • Clearance of dentin tubules and apical area


  • EDTA removes smear layer, softens dentin, and facilitates the removal of calcific obstruction
  • Urea peroxide reacts with sodium hypochlorite to produce oxygen bubbles that flush out debris within the canal
  • The lubricant medium facilitates instrument movement within the canal to eliminate instrument binding or breakage
  • Unclogged dentin tubules and apical area permit better penetration of root canal medicaments and fillings


  • Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) 15%
  • Urea Peroxide 10%
  • Polypropylene Glycol & Polyethylene Glycol


2x6g Syringe

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