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  • Cervitec Plus is an innovative new protective varnish from Ivoclar Vivadent containing the combination of 1% chlorhexidine and 1% thymol for clinically proven, long lasting protection. The new Cervitec Plus is based on the well-documented success of Cervitec varnish.
  • Multiple international studies and over 10 years of clinical experience confirm the effectiveness of Cervitec at protecting exposed and sensitive tooth surfaces. Cervitec Plus is a clear varnish intended to ensure the quality of restorative work.
  • The new generation offers enhanced features including improved adhesion to tooth surfaces and increased moisture tolerance during application. The active ingredients remain where they are needed and promote the formation of a coating or barrier to protect at-risk tooth
  • surfaces.
  • Cervitec Plus varnish is available in convenient Single Dose units, and Multi Dose units. The economical Multi Dose tubes allow the required amount of varnish to be dispensed hygienically, preventing the risk of cross contamination.

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