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Picture of Eau Flow 8-189U Reverse Osmosis Water System

Eau Flow 8-189U Reverse Osmosis Water SystemONC-020


Cleancert Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Eau Flow 8-189U

  • A revolutionary, easy-to-use RO water filter designed with a raft of ingenious features all at a great price.
  • Delivers purified water typically 0-5 ppm/<7.5 microsiemens.
  • 8L storage tank built to NSF standards.
  • Unique ‘Quick change’ cartridge - without turning off the water filter, emptying the tank or isolating the water supply.
  • LED display advises which cartridge needs changing.
  • Built in TDS meter allows constant monitoring of water quality.
  • Automatic flush pump to maintain shelf-life of the membrane.
  • Compact size of only 245 x 390 x 390mm (W x H x D).

Benefits include:

Better: easy to validate water purity with a clever LED display which also tells you you when the cartridges need changing
Easier: tool-free cartridge change on ALL 5 STAGES, means changing them couldn’t be simpler or faster
Cheaper: compared to other dental RO systems, for both purchase and maintenance

To help achieve 'best practice' in HTM 01/05, section

4.11: “sterilisers…should be filled at least daily using Reverse Osmosis water ….”
6.84: “self-contained water supplies used with dental care systems should use Reverse Osmosis water…”

Did you know?

  • Cleancert's range of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters are now recognised as the ‘best in class’ water purification systems available in the UK, with all Cleancert's models designed to ensure you get perfect results every time- guaranteed*?
  • All Cleancert's models are designed to help you easily comply with CQC inspections, by instantly providing verifiable data on water quality, for your records. Plus they take seconds to change cartridges, with a simple bayonet fitting on ALL 5 STAGES?
  •  Cleancert have also developed a proprietary ‘annual cleaning kit’, to help comply with L8 (Legionella) requirements and keep Bio-film under control in your water appliances?
  • All Cleancert's units come with simple plumbing connections to help you with WRAS approval and a standard water dispensing gun to easily fill up water chambers on autoclaves and chair bottles? Units can also be connected onto mains feeds into autoclaves and washer disinfectors.
  •  End users include CFD Sainsbury’s, IDH and lots of independent dentists.

* Note: some areas of the UK contain very hard water (typically above 280ppm) and may need a disposable water softener to achieve water of 0-3ppm. We can advise you on this.


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