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Ultrasonic Endodontic Tips

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EDDY Endo Irrigation TipsDGP-010


VDW Dental

Powerful irrigation with high frequency oscillation

Safe and forgiving handling.

  • Low risk of fatigue fracture of the tip
  • Polyamide tip is gentle on dentine

High cleaning efficiency

  • Thorough cleaning of isthmi and lateral canals, even in strongly curved canals and complex root canal anatomies
  • Effective acoustic streaming and cavitation thanks to the three-dimensional, high amplitude oscillation of the tip
  • Reliable removal of debris and residual tissue

Simple Workflow

  • Just one instrument size for all canal anatomies
  • Sterile packed, single-use product, no documentation of use necessary
  • Time-saving compared to using irrigation cannula alone

Ready to use

  • No additional equipment necessary with existing Airscaler
  • Simple to use, no training necessary
  • Cost-effective
  • Supports application of sealer and calcium hydroxide as well as the removal of calcium hydroxide


  • 5 blister packs of 2 Irrigation Tips, sterile REF 1441 000 000

5 Packs of 2 Tips

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