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BeSure X-Ray Film and Plate Positioning SystemMSW-010

Full Kit


  • Works with film and phosphor imaging plates.
  • Quickly align the x-ray tube.
  • Easy to assemble with colour coded components.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Kits include a combination of Arms, Rings and Biteblocks.

The BeSure X-Ray Film and Phosphor Plate Positioning System contains:

5 Arms & Rings:

  • 1x Anterior - Blue
  • 2x Posterior - Yellow
  • 1x Bitewing - Red
  • 1x Endo - Green

19 Biteblocks:

  • 3x Horizontal Bitewing Biteblocks - Red
  • 2x Vertical Bitewing Biteblocks - Red
  • 8x Biteblocks Posterior - Yellow
  • 4x Biteblocks Anterior - Blue
  • 2x Endo Biteblocks - Green


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