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CleanCert Water Testing Dip SlidesFOL-085

Pack of 10


Dipslides and ‘Dental Dipslide app’

Our range of dipslides provide an easy and cost-effective way to monitor the bacteria levels in the water used in your dental practice, for example in dental chair waterlines; the smartphone app helps with recording the dipslide results.


We have 2 types of dipslides for measuring bacteria in both fluids and on hard surfaces:

  1. bacterial load, assessing the Total Viable Count (TVC) on both sides. TTC/TTC
  2. bacterial load (TVC) on one side and E coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and coliforms on the other side. TTC/e coli.

Dipslides are sold in boxes of 10. Please note there is a shelf-life on the dipslides (6-9 months), so please only order what your practice will use over the next 12 weeks or so (1 per chair every 3 months).

Directions for Use: twist off the white cap and immerse both sides of the dipslide paddle into the fluid or onto the hard surface to be tested. Incubation takes around 48 hours in a CleanCert incubator (2 or 8 dipslides), or 7 days at room temperature (20-22 deg c). Full instructions for use (incubation, handling, disposal etc) are available with each delivery as well as on the smartphone app. Remember to use the batch code to access the features on the ‘Dental Dipslide app’.

Dental Dipslide app

Dental Dipslide app: is a simple programme that allows you to assess your dipslide results, record them for later inspection (staff training, CQC etc) or share them with other account holders, such as your clinical team. Benefits:

  • Easier- a notification will be sent to your smartphone every 3 months to retest your waterlines.
  • Simple - any issues detected can be resolved by using CleanCert biofilm disinfectant.
  • Free - you will need the batch code from each consignment to access all the monitoring features on the app.

Download ‘Dental Dipslide by CleanCert’ in your Apple or Google Play store.

Pack of 10

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