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Danville MicroEtcherOYG-010

Microetcher Mark II


MicroEtcher™ II

The MicroEtcher™ II Intraoral Sandblaster provides precise surface micro-roughening, improving bond strength up to 400%. Sandblasting with the MicroEtcher II is fast and easy with most surface roughening procedures requiring only a few seconds.
The MicroEtcher II offers stainless steel construction, a replaceable carbide tip, permanently affixed jar lid and a spill resistant abrasive filter. (Please Note: only the carbide tip can be autoclaved, for our fully autoclavable option please see the MicroEtcher IIA).


  • Etching all metals, composites & amalgam for maximum bond strength
  • Aiding in intraoral porcelain repair
  • Prepping for pit & fissure restoration
  • Cleaning dark grooves to reveal decay
  • Prepping incipient lesions and minor Class I & V
  • Debriding bur preps for best esthetics & bonds


  • 360° degree rotatable removable nozzle
  • Autoclavable nozzle
  • 22000-03

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