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Centrefeed Rolls

Picture of EcoNatural 450 Standard Centrefeed Rolls

EcoNatural 450 Standard Centrefeed RollsCLF-360

2 Ply

Lucart Professional

High quality paper products manufactured by Lucart Professional prove that it’s possible to combine technology and real sustainability, effective solutions developed to improve business performance whilst reducing the impact on our planet.

EcoNatural is 100% recycled tissue made from Tetrapak beverage cartons. The tissue is very high quality, soft and absorbent, yet retains excellent wet strength due to the plies of tissue being glued together.

The natural Havana colour comes from the recycled pulp being unbleached and the natural colour of the original wood pulp. All EcoNatural products carry the prestigious EU Eco Label accreditation, one of the highest awards for environmental compliance.

Suitable for a multitude of applications, the ever versatile centrefeed range can be used for general wiping tasks, personal wiping and mopping spills for all-round cleaning and drying.

  • 2 Ply
  • Roll size : 200mm wide x 112m long
  • 6 Rolls per pack


EcoNatural is the innovative PAPER + DISPENSER system that gives new life to beverage cartons.

Thanks to an innovative technology, Lucart separates the components of beverage cartons: from cellulose fibres it creates Fiberpack®, with which it produces paper, and from aluminium and polyethylene it produces Al.Pe.®, the new raw material used for making dispensers.

Pack of 6 rolls

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